Three ways to comb your wet hair : the wet looking look you wear the most


Hairstyles with wet-looking hair are a staple during summer vacations, as they are a quick and easy way to comb the hair. However, this year wet hair is not limited to the summer season, but there have been several designers who have opted for it in their autumn proposals. Wet-looking waves glued to the forehead are present in Fendi and JW Anderson, Versace, Valentino and Mary Katrantzou show messy strands that perch on the face and Tom Fordbet on a low, polished and striped side ponytail. Read on to see three proposals of hairstyles to wear hair with this finish, easy to do in your own home.

Peeking back

The key to wearing loose hair in this way is to control your roots, which should be somewhat more humid and subject than the rest of your hair. Theirs is that you start combing your hair as soon as you get out of the shower, to take advantage that the hair is very wet; but, if not, be sure to spray water again before applying a fixative product. The duo formed by strong fixing foam and hair oil is perfect to create this look.


This is the best option for a bad hair day or for the moment when you need to wash your head, but your busy schedule does not allow it. Collect your hair in a ponytail – you can be tall with your hair pulled back, like Kim Kardashian’s or low and with the line in the middle, like the one worn by Gigi Hadid in the Tom Ford parade. Grab it and then put on the palm of your hand an ultra-sticky, non-sticky fixative gel that offers flexibility while combing , and mix it with a little water; Spread it on the area of ​​hair that is held and comb with a comb, and ends up distributing it also in the ponytail, but distributing the product by strands.


To create this look you will need a combination of curl fan, in the form of cream or spray, with an ointment or ultra-strong fixing foam. In this way, you will ensure that your loops are well defined, but with the wet look, that strong fixing products provide. Wet your hands, apply both on the palm, mix and distribute them over your entire mane, from root to tip; then use the dryer with a diffuser or let it air dry, whichever is more comfortable for you.